Cool blue grey and slight creamy tones combine to give this stone understated sophistication. The monochromatic consistency of this gorgeous limestone allows it to be used effortlessly in both traditional and minimalist architectural applications ranging from interior and exterior paving, pool copings, full and thin wall veneer, panels, coping, and caps.The wide range of fabrication capabilities make it possible for you to achieve continuity throughout an entire project. A favorite among the most discerning design professionals.

charcoal limestone
charcoal limestone charcoal limestone


  • Building Stone
  • Chopped Stone
  • Full Stone Veneer
  • Thin Veneer
  • Thin Veneer L Corners
  • Dry Stack Veneer
  • Wall Cladding
  • Flooring
  • Landscape
  • Freeze Thaw Veneer
  • Residential Paving
  • Slabs and Copin
  • Panels
  • Sills and Caps


  • 18" - 24’ Face Height
  • 3-5" bed depth Full Veneer
  • 1.25" bed depth on Thin Veneer
  • .75" - 6" Wall Cladding
  • Cross chopped contains approximately 40% roughback with darker color ranges
  • Typical millstone 4-5 feet x 7-9 feet 18"- 24" thick
  • Typical Belt Sawn Slab 40" x 80*
  • Chopped stone has versatile cool blue gray tones with slight hints of cream.
  • Only cross chopped
  • Building Stone comes in random lengths 18"-24"
  • Rough back displays rich dark charcoal dappled with light grey on a textured surface.
  • Flooring material displays a gorgeous rich cool grey stone with dimension and movement. Excellent choice in the most traditional to the most modern to Mid Century inspired designs, a timeless addition to any project.

* Please note, depending on the finish, color and texture will vary.

Please contact one of our experienced design and sales professionals with any questions you may have. Email or (325) 548-2568. We look forward to working with you to fulfill your Lueders limestone needs and exceed your expectations.

*** Limestone is a natural product created over millions of years that thankfully, varies in color, texture and size.