Champion Stone’s High Quality Lueders Limestone Products

Expertise and Reliability

Champion Stone Company is a direct source for Lueders Limestone material that is mined and fabricated from our established Quarry outside Abilene, Texas. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry. We work directly with design professionals, contractors, and installers to provide a consistent natural stone material for the wide-ranging needs of residential and commercial projects. Our Limestone has become the go-to material for high end custom home and pool builders as well as commercial developers.

Following installation, a stone's long-term performance becomes equally as important as its appearance. Not all stones are well-suited for all climates - particularly environments that experience multiple freezing and thawing conditions, but our stone is. Lueders limestone is beautiful, durable, and designated appropriate for use in areas that experience a wide temperature swing throughout the year. The combination of exceptional materials and extraordinary customer service allows us to meet all your Lueders limestone needs. We look forward to working with you to fulfill your stone needs and exceed your expectations.

Natural vs Manufactured

Though there are manufactured alternatives available in the market today, natural stone is an organic material that is durable, stable, and beautifully unique.

A few of the differences in Natural and Manufactured Stone are:

Natural Stone:

  • Can be installed all the way to ground, near water
  • Power Washable
  • Natural Tones and Hues
  • Naturally varies in color and size
  • Appearance improves with weather and age
  • A LEED Product, Organic

Manufactured Stone:

  • Cannot be installed below or near water
  • Spot clean only
  • Colored on surface only with iron oxide pigment
  • Chips are noticeable
  • Predictable color and size

**Limestone is a natural product created over millions of years that thankfully, varies in color, texture and size.